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Hormone Replacement

Professional Hormone Therapy In Denver

Good nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices are critical to health and wellness and are extremely important to us. Drs.  Susane Habashi- Ahigian and Gerald Ahigian recognize that Hormones regulate so many aspects of your health, from your heart rate and blood pressure to your metabolism and much more.  Sex hormones, in particular, can affect your libido, sleep, moods and anxiety level, and weight management; they can boost your immunity and decrease your propensity for age-related changes, as board-certified physicians in Anti-aging medicine and Holistic and Integrative medicine. Drs Habashi and Ahigian will help balance your hormones with our effective hormone therapy in Denver, as they need to be to act in unison as musicians in an orchestra. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Denver, NC, helps to achieve that goal. Molecule for molecule, they are identical to what your body would naturally produce, thereby replacing and replenishing to levels found in your younger years. These levels will be closer to the levels that naturally had your body at optimal performance.

Hormone Replacement
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Anti-Aging With Our Regenerative Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver, NC, at Andelana Wellness Center Med Spa & Salon and North State Medical Group

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Holistic Integrative Functional Medicine at Andelana Wellness Center Med Spa & Salon

Drs. Habashi and Ahigian, our hormone physicians in Denver, are of the philosophy that it is important to treat the root cause of problems and dysfunction rather than treat them with a band-aid prescription. They use their background in holistic and integrative medicine to search for causes of common problems such as fatigue and joint pain, abdominal pain, irritable bowel, and many other issues for which no real cause or solution has been identified. They utilize “out of the box” functional medicine testing to discern underlying causes and address them utilizing both herbals and medications.

At Andelana, our physicians consistently advocate for a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing both proactive and preventative measures. By utilizing advanced cardiac tests and preventative health screenings, we help you stay ahead of potential medical complications. Micronutrient tests ensure optimal cellular health and genetic tests provide insights into any predispositions, guiding you toward beneficial lifestyle modifications. This all-encompassing assessment of your health aims to rejuvenate and replenish your energy, cultivating the well-being we all seek as we navigate the journey of aging gracefully.

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Benefits of Bio-identical

Benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy In Denver

Factors to Consider When Considering Hormone Therapy

Consultation with Professionals:

Schedule a consultation with experienced healthcare professionals to discuss your specific needs and suitability for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Medical History and Evaluation:

Thoroughly review your medical history and undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine if HRT aligns with your health status and goals.

Understanding Risks and Benefits:

Gain a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy, enabling an informed decision.

Considering Hormone Therapy
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Treatment Plan Customization:

Ensure the treatment plan is personalized to your unique hormonal imbalances, symptoms, and health objectives, allowing for effective and tailored HRT.

Types of Hormone Replacement:

Discuss the different types of hormone replacement options available, such as bio-identical hormones or synthetic hormones, and choose what suits you best.

Administration Methods:

Explore the various administration methods, including pills, patches, creams, injections, or implants, and choose the most convenient and effective route for your lifestyle.

Monitoring and Adjustments:

Understand the importance of regular monitoring and potential adjustments to the hormone dosage to optimize the outcomes and mitigate risks.

Lifestyle and Health Considerations:

Consider lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress management, and overall health, as these can significantly impact the success of hormone replacement therapy.

Potential Side Effects:

Be aware of potential side effects or adverse reactions associated with hormone replacement therapy and discuss strategies to manage or minimize them.

Long-term Commitment:

Understand that HRT often requires a long-term commitment, and discuss the implications and commitments needed for a successful treatment journey.

Costs and Insurance Coverage:

Assess the costs associated with hormone replacement therapy and check with your insurance provider to determine the coverage available for the treatments.

Second Opinion:

If needed, seek a second opinion from another qualified healthcare professional to confirm the suitability and recommendations for hormone replacement therapy.

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